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Vinyl Tumlers

Her tumblers are amazing! She uses so many fun layers of vinyl and I just love her use of holographic vinyl. 



Web Design and Growing Influencer

Jen has been an amazing asset to our members group with her knowledge on business. Check her out for so much good info!

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Craft Light Studios

Welcome Mats and More

Branding on point, Amazing DIYS and an awesome Instagram account, This girl is going places! 

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Wedding Planning + Bridal Boxes

Alexis is killing it as a young entrepreneur. Her business has been taking off as she has been taking amazing but wise risks!


Honeycomb Workshop

Engraved Apple Watch Bands

Such a prime example of a member that niched down and is flourishing! Check them out! 

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Worry Less Write More


Once you check out her blog you will be sucked in! Just one post grabbed my attention! 

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