Hey guys,

it's been almost a month since my new membership was launched and I just want to thank you guys for following me over from the mess that was Patreon to my new website. I also want to thank you for bearing with us as we get all the kinks worked out with the new website, but mostly thanks for joining and becoming a member to support me, my team, and yourself as a crafter or small business owner.

To clear up most of the questions you guys may have, my friend from The Foiled Plan was amazing enough to make you guys a video that walks you through signing up for my new membership step by step.

Don't get discouraged if there is anything you feel like you can't figure out! If ever you have any further questions about your membership you can always hover over the "members" tab and click either the "CrafTAY Creators" button or the "Business Members" button. Once you're on one of those pages scroll to the very bottom and on the right side of the page you'll see where you can message us your questions.

We also have Facebook groups where there are tons super helpful members that can also help answer your questions.

Thank you!

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