Member+SocialMedia Manager 2015

Influencer Team Manager - 2018

Video Editor

(tubeedits) - 2017


(The Experience) - 2019

(Graphic Designer)


Auntie Tay Media Inc. is made up of an extremely creative team that reaches over a million people. From Video editors to paper enthusiasts, it takes a lot of talent to make all the magic happen. We are a growing team that has creativity flowing through our veins. Want to work with us? We love finding new influencers, companies to work with or bringing on new talent for videos. Contact us today if you want to be on our team.

If you are a company that want's to work with our team contact

Our Client list includes Michaels Craft Stores, Plaid Enterprises, Cricut, and more!

What we offer: High Quality Videos. Social Media promotion. High Quality Video Editing. Paid Product Posts. Online Branding and Design Assistance. Social Media Management.

Joining my influencer team is not for the faint of heart. I work to grow each and every one of them, while showering them with DIY love! I work alongside them to create their products, get their products online and of course they get tons of free product from my site. OH YEAH, and they also get paid! 

Do you have 100K followers on any social media platform? We would love to have you on our team! Contact us to join!

We now have an awesome opportunity for people who want to be Crafting Influencers! We have created a platform for you to work with our influencers to help grow you to becoming an Auntie Tay Influencer! This membership is limited but it's worth it! Are you ready you grow? Join now! (SIGN UPS ARE ONCE A QUARTER SO MAKE SURE TO CHECK BACK IF IT IS CLOSED RIGHT NOW)