5 Steps to Selling on Etsy

Enjoy this page of info on how to sell on Etsy. You will find resources, videos and printables to help you along your journey to creating your first course. 

1. Learn what to sell on Etsy 

2. Branding your Store 

3. Listing Items 

4. Packaging and Shipping

5. Promoting Your Store

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Step 1: What to sell?

Let's chat about the best things to sell on Etsy


    • My Story?


    • Why Etsy?


    • Custom is Key 


    • Digital/Small


    • How our membership helps 


Step 2:  Branding

  • ​Logos

  • ​Headers​​

  • Social Medias

  • Website/Domain ​​

  • Listing Covers + Style


Step 3:  Packaging + Shipping

  • Business Cards 

  • Easy Handmade Touches

  • DYMO Printer

  • Choosing a Shipping Carrier

  • Pre-Packaging

  • Establish a Routine

Step 4: 

Listing and Photography

  • Establish a Unified photo look

  • Simple/Clear/Bright Photos

  • Watermarking 

  • Using Mock Ups 

Step 5:  Promoting Your Store

  • Establishing Website

  • Blog Posting 

  • Shop Again Coupon Codes

  • Business Cards

  • Sending to PR List 


Resource Videos