Hi! I am Auntie Tay. A Crafting enthusiast turned entrepreneur. I started crafting when I became a stay at home mom at a super young age. With a desire to make money to help my family get out of debt, I started exploring avenues to work from home. I tried lots of things and for years made a little here and a little there. It was in 2014 that I decided I wanted to jump into the world of teaching online and used my passion for crafting to start my Youtube channel. I did a lot of research and prepared myself for what it looked like to be "successful" and wrote up a business plan and timeline. I since have surpassed that goal 10X and growing, and now have found that my new passion is inspiring other women to learn to turn their passions into careers. 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 


I am a Pastor's wife. I never thought I would be one of those. I always wanted to be a writer and, I kind of write, but I have fallen in love with telling stories visually through photography, videography, and graphic design. I went back to school for graphic design after my kids were old enough to be in school full time. I have 2 daughters and they are growing to be super cool kids. I have sacrificed a lot for them to make sure they know that I am 100% here for them before anything else. I had the calling to homeschool them this year, which I also never thought I would do. We have a pretty cool system, and the simplicity of our schedule allows us to be able to do so much more with our time. 


I believe in living beyond myself. I serve the one and only living God, and have been challenged to share that at times through media. I have never filtered my belief in Jesus Christ, because I 100% believe that without Him, none of this is possible. Everything on this earth has been put here for me to use at my leisure, so I choose to make sure that I am listening to Him and following him first before all else. He is my OG BFF and it's never gonna change. 


I believe life is messy. All though I don't share a lot about my personal life on the internet, I like to make sure that people know I know I am messy. I believe we aren't called to be perfect, just make progress. I have been through a lot and one day hope to add a little link to my book somewhere on this site. For now, I live life live on Tuesdays on Facebook to share a little glimpse into what real life looks like for me. I also don't polish my Instagram very much so if you want to get to know me a little better that's a good spot. 

HMMMM... Anything else? Well, I guess you will just have to come hang with me on the interweb for more fun glimpses. For now, XOXO - Tay (ew, that was weird) LOVE YOU!